"ClearShield works great. It saved my new R7 from a friend's miss-hit."

Joda Fortson - Blythewood, SC

"Just a quick note to let you know that I bought a new Cleveland 3 wood nearly a month ago and have been dying to hit it, but was apprehensive since I have marred other 3 woods in the past by hitting under the ball. I applied the ClearShield the day I received it in the mail and was ready to pound the new 3 wood the next day. On my very first swing I hit slightly under the ball and contact occurred at the very top of the club face......no problem, thanks to ClearShield. Had I not applied the ClearShield, it would have been ONE SWING....ONE DAMAGED CLUB!!! What a terrific product! It was easy to apply and is virtually invisible. I have shown ClearShield to at least 10 of my golfing buddies, and everyone agrees that it's a great product. Thanks for your innovation!"

Greg Nitshke - Lee Summit MO

" Don't hit a wood or a driver without these!"

Jack Boersma -Ceres,CA

"I tried your ClearShield product and really like it. As a relatively new golfer I am still trying to groove my swing and periodically I have that too steep of a swing that would cause the ugly marks on my driver....but with ClearShield I don't have to worry about that."

Mike Dalida - Alexandra VA

"ClearShield works great! Best thing there is to protect your investment, everybody should use this!"

Mario Acuna - Glendora, CA

Great idea, A real pleasure for a duffer like me!

Jon Clugston - Manheim PA

"Thank you for developing this product! I was given a pack of your product and quickly installed them on my clubs. I been looking for this very product for years...I've used similar materials. But, the material you are using is superior."

Skip Jones - Portland, OR

"I have applied the product to my woods and it works great. Great idea."

Jack Stonfer -Hershey, PA

"Easy to install !! Great investment for a new club !!!!!"

Barry Folsom - Houston, TX




























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