What is ClearShieldŽ?

ClearShieldŽ is a patent pending, easy to apply, virtually invisible transparent adhesive strip that protects  the contour  top-line of  metal woods from  scuffs, scrapes, scratches and ball marks from miss-hits.

Why Use ClearShieldŽ?

No one likes to look down at a driver or fairway metal that is scuffed or scraped. With ClearShieldŽ your metal woods will maintain that brand new look. A ClearShieldŽ protected club will be worth more than an unprotected club that is scratched, scuffed, or ball-marked. It’s that simple. ClearShieldŽ will protect your expensive metal wood, and make it worth more when you decide to trade it, or sell it.


           Retail Pack

       Commercial Pak


10 Protective strips to fit all size woods

       100 Pre-cut Protective Strips

MSRP  $7.99

       50 drivers, 18 3/4 wood, 32 5/9 & Hybrid



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