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  • Place strip on top of the club (keep backing on) and position notch end at base of the hosel to measure length.
  • Strip should end approximately 1/4in. short of the end of the clubface or toe. If needed mark proper length and cut with scissors. (click here for "cut to fit" and other helpful tips)

Line Up

  • Peel back first half of the backing; starting with the notched end that fits the hosel. When peeling back tape, leave last half of backing attached, to allow you to move and realign tape without touching adhesive.
  • Place tape at base of hosel, and only let tape stick along the top edge or top line of the club.

Attaching to Club

  • Once tape is lined up you are ready to attach the tape to the top of the club. Press firmly using your thumb and moving from center to hosel. Smooth out any bubbles by working from to line to outside edge.
  • Remove remaining backing and press on topline from center to toe.
  • Repeat and press down remaining strip working from top edge down.

Helpful Tips:

Cut to fit

  • Using the pattern strip included. Place rounded end of pattern up against your mark, and trace around to create new cut line.
  • Then take a pair of scissors and cut along inside of traced line to create proper size guard.


  • Strips peel off with little effort and any leftover residue can be cleaned off with most all purpose cleaners.



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