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Q. Will ClearShield work on any wood?

A. Yes, ClearShield strips are designed to accommodate all size drivers and fairway metals.

Q. How does this little strip really protect the club?

A. Engineering analysis shows 97% of club damage from miss-hits to the top of the club deflect off the ClearShield strip before they scratch the club.

Q. ClearShield for Tournament play?

A. ClearShield will not effect the performance of your shot or club. However we recommend removing and replacing after tournament play to comply with USGA rules.

Q How long will ClearShield last?

A. ClearShield strips can easily last the entire season, but we suggest for maximum protection you should replace them every couple of months depending on your amount of play.

Q. Where can you buy ClearShield?

A. ClearShield is sold at golf shops. Click here to find out the nearest location to you.



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